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Call me Blonde… Jimi Hendrix Blonde

Call me Blonde… Jimi Hendrix Blonde from Nicolas Argote on Vimeo.

Call me Blonde… Jimi Hendrix Blonde

Milford Kemp stands out when performing live as Jimi Hendrix at the famous Montreal’s Mont-Royal mountain.

Not many can succeed when aiming for: out of the ordinary in this city, as he does.

If you are up to the challenge, by all means do not forget to throw in a blonde wig, a string less guitar, and an out of tune speaker when going out the door in your yellow leotard shirt.

You must! because the bar is set really high by an orgy of free love hairy hippies. The 20 something cardio addict girls wrapped in lulu lemon’s spandex and a couple… hundred Japanese tourists, taking pictures of all the French/English traffic signs gathering in the same park where Milford performs on Sundays.

Kemp is a former ballet dancer/ boxer (true story… the mighty google search clears him out…) Today, he is an unemployed fashion designer/ as well as a youtube broadcaster. George Saint Pierre, if you need any info on giving Milford a job you can reach me via the comment section.

So, next summer, add some “cashing” to the “click, click, click” of your camera if you happen to be in town.

If by any chance you also happen to be into the blonde Jimi Hendrix type of guy, skip your Lavalife inbox, I happen to know someone next to a statue who has been waiting for you.

Trust me, with Milford there might be more than what meets the eye…

Thanks to Milford.

Below there are some pictures and other Milford’s videos worth checking out!

Milford Kemp Using a Boxing Mask When DancingPosing for a Clothing BrandTherapeutic BoxingMilford Kemp on Stage Dancing as a BoxerMilfords own Clothes Design

      Left to right : The Ballet dancer, the Model, therapeutic Boxing*, the Ballet Show , the Fashion Designer.

 Therapeutic boxing : Milford developed a concept that mixes ballet, dancing and boxing to explore your feelings as a DIY psycotherapy.

Is he a boxer or a dancer?



Photos Source: Milford Kemp’s Channel

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